The Vision

People of all ages and cultures abiding with Jesus and responding to His glorious purpose for our lives


Have you noticed a difference between healthy biblical Christianity and what is the status quo in your
life? Have you sensed a God-given potential that feels stuck inside of you? Have you hungered for
more of Jesus and the abundant life that He offers (John 10:10)?

We need more than just good intentions; we need new normals in our lives. We need to be led and
empowered by the Holy Spirit. We need to come together in love, truth, and faith to be the people who
Jesus calls us to be.

We do not want to wait any longer. Our souls are thirsty, our families need God’s presence, our
churches need revival, our nation needs healing, and our world needs an awakening. It’s all about

This 10-week journey is designed to change the trajectory of your life. Spending time with Jesus, in
God’s Word and with God’s people, is transformative. Why would we ever go back to old wine skins
when God is pouring new wine and has new life and new songs for us to sing together?

The Purpose

These key elements for your group are based on what Jesus has always called His followers to be and
do (Acts 2:42-47).

1. Prayerfully seek God together.
2. Build relational trust as a loving and authentic community.
3. Grow spiritually by both studying and doing what the Bible says.
4. Be on mission as you love your neighbors and share the gospel.

The Challenge

What if every group of Jesus followers created a new culture that is inspiring, authentic, vibrant, and
faithful to Jesus?
What if every group does more than just studies and discusses the Bible, but actually lives it out
What if every group intentionally builds up people and multiplies?
What if every group deepens their understanding and experience of God’s presence, grace, and truth?
What if every group leads people to Jesus?
What if this is all part of Jesus’ clear plan for every group of disciples for the last two thousand years?

Common Language

Please become familiar with these significant words and concepts that bring clarity and direction as
you also include them in your conversations.

IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS: This is true for our lives, our church and awakening. Jesus gets all the glory and a relationship with Jesus is our first priority and love.
AWAKENING: A movement empowered by the Holy Spirit that includes both revival for Christians and many people beginning to follow Jesus for the first time.
SPIRITUAL TEMPERATURE: Zeal for the Lord and repentance are good as God does not want us to be lukewarm or put out the Spirit’s fire (1 Thessalonians 5:19; Revelation 3:14-16).
NEW NORMALS: A healthy posture that is the fruit of repentance, honors the Lord, and aligns with
Scripture. New habits become part of a new lifestyle.
FROM SUNDAY TO EVERYDAY: Faith is no longer compartmentalized to one place, day, or hour; a relationship with Jesus is 24/7.
WHERE WE LIVE, WORK, LEARN, AND PLAY: These represent different realms, locations, and relationships in our lives where we represent and live for the Lord.
ON MISSION TOGETHER: Instead of being passive spectators, we pray, love people, and share the
gospel as we make disciples together.
FORM AND FIRE: We need a combination of structure and passion; the Christian life is both taught and caught. God’s kingdom is built as God’s people surrender and are fully devoted to Jesus. Relationships
are more important than programs.
RELEVANT AND RADICAL: Followers of Jesus should not be silent, intimidated, or ashamed. Followers of Jesus should both rest and risk as the Lord leads.

Studies by Week:

Week One: Daily Grace
Week Two: Abide and Respond
Week Three: Focused Prayer
Week Four: Healthy Groups
Week Five: Discipleship Path
Week Six: Fruit and Multiplying
Week Seven: Authentic Love
Week Eight: Courageously Share
Week Nine: A Movement
Week Ten: New Normals