Many followers of Jesus care deeply about people and faith but are not sure where to start or what to do for next steps. Let’s enter into this together as we will learn and grow the most by doing. (Matthew 9:35-38) Be faithful to God and trust Him with the results. Only God can save someone, but He also gives us a role in transformation. This is not robotic, just an overview as you find what is most natural for you. Be kind and considerate but don’t overthink what to say and do. This is not a checklist and people are not a project. This initiative is simply a catalyst for building positive and authentic relationships. (1 Thessalonians 2:8) Sips of your favorite drink are to be savored and the right size. It is similar with outreach and developing new habits. Ask God for courage and consider the acronym, SIPS, as you take action in practical ways.


Love your neighbor and build healthy relationships where you live, work, learn, and play.

Humbly meet real needs that people have.


Open up your home or take a friend out to coffee, a meal, or an event.

Bring someone with you to church or a Bible study.


Everyone in the group choose one person who does not follow Jesus.

Begin to pray daily for these people.


Listen to someone’s story and tell your story, too.

Present the good news about Jesus Christ.