Every Group

A united initiative for followers of Jesus to serve people and be on mission together.


People of all ages, cultures, denominations, and locations collaborating together to help more people follow Jesus.


What if every group of Jesus followers made one new disciple this year?

For clarity, a group is comprised of 4 or more Christians committed to love one another, serve others and share Jesus in word and deed with people who don’t yet follow Him. A healthy group agrees to live out the Bible together (not merely study and talk about it) in community and be on mission with and toward those who don’t yet love Jesus.


Have you sensed God leading you to be on mission and make a more significant impact in the lives of the people you love? Jesus began His disciple-making movement over 2000 years ago, and tells His followers to continue it today (Matthew 28:18-20). Do you wrestle with fear, self-centeredness, distractions, and a crippling sense of inadequacy? Do you long and pray for God to do something amazing in this generation in your community and around the world? Do you see how many people need healing and a Savior? Are you tired of feeling stuck and passively watching what is happening today?

Jesus has been and is calling you. God created you to play a part in a purpose far bigger than yourself. He started a movement over two thousand years ago, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The Holy Spirit will give you everything you need. Reliance on God is essential. Loving your neighbor (Matthew 22:37-40) includes his or her physical, emotional, relational and spiritual well-being. A relationship with Jesus is daily and eternal. There is no greater satisfaction in life than knowing and following Jesus. Heaven is real. Jesus is risen and returning. The gospel is for everyone.

Thank you for taking some time to consider making yourself available to God, growing in your willingness to serve other people, and ultimately leading people to an eternal loving relationship with our Creator as they begin to follow Jesus. Gather a new or existing group of friends and family and be intentional this year to see someone’s life changed for eternity as you share Jesus together in word and deed where you live, work, learn, and play.


This might be the most difficult thing you have done in a long time. It will often reveal if care more about your own comfort and reputation or God’s glory. It is risky and that’s good. Let’s be risk takers and ask God for courage (Acts 4:29). You have a team to support you, and God is with you. People in their 80’s and 90’s often look back on their lives with regrets of playing it too safe and not spending their time on what truly matters. This endeavor couldn’t be more fulfilling or significant. Focus on abiding with Jesus, not what the results could be. Fear doesn’t come from God. Walk with Jesus, be authentic, and watch God do an amazing work in and through you.

Next Steps

Following Jesus leads to new habits (serving, inviting, praying, and sharing) and new rhythms (read, reflect, and respond). Learn more about SIPS…


About Us

We are a diverse group of friends who love Jesus, live in the greater Seattle area, and see potential in our cities, country, and around the world.

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